All About Cataract Surgery

All About Cataract Surgery

If you’re having trouble with your eyes or your vision, the first thing you should do is visit Varley Optometry and schedule an appointment with an expert in Markham optometry. You may need surgery due to complications caused by cataract in the eye. Cataract specialists are skilled at handling the eyes and restoring your vision.

Who Performs the Surgery?

Your ocular surgery will be performed by professionals in optometry in Markham. They are highly experienced and have been trained in the eyes and surgical procedures to restore eye health and vision.

Traditional vs. Laser Surgery

Depending on the severity of your eye problems and the procedure being performed, your doctor may recommend traditional routes for surgery as well as advanced laser surgical procedures. With traditional surgery, an incision is made in the cornea, and the lens removed. With laser surgery, your doctor gets assistance from computers. This enables them to correct the shape of the eye and reduce the time taken to complete the laser surgery. Healing time is much faster as well, allowing patients to be more comfortable sooner.

Monofocal vs. Multifocal Implants

When a cataract is removed from the eye, the natural lens must be removed. To replace the lens, your optometrist will use an intraocular lens. These can either be multifocal or monofocal, depending on your needs. Monofocal lenses are primarily used for the restoration of vision at a distance. Multifocal lenses correct your vision of close items, far away items, and anything else in between.

Would I Still Need to Wear Glasses?

Many patients wonder if they’ll still need to weight their glasses after getting cataract surgery from an optometrist near you in Markham. Depending on the intraocular lens you decide on, you may still need assistance with your vision. Monofocal lenses may leave patients still requiring glasses while multifocal lenses can take away the need for corrective lenses.

Varley Optometry can provide you with an appointment with a skilled optometrist in Markham who can perform cataract surgery. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact an optometrist near you.

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