Are You at Risk for Glaucoma?

Are You at Risk for Glaucoma?

If you’ve recently been to an optometrist near you and they’ve included visual field test as a part of their pre-exam testing protocol, you may have wondered why the test is performed. According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, the test is used as a benchmark for optometrists and ophthalmologists to measure a patient’s central and peripheral vision to diagnose, determine the severity of, and monitor your glaucoma.”

But unless you know what glaucoma is, you probably still have questions about the need for glaucoma evaluations Markham. Keep reading to learn more about the disease, how it can be treated, and whether or not you are considered at risk for its development.

What an Optometrist in Markham Wants You to Know About Glaucoma

To explain the disorder in easy-to-understand language, glaucoma is a disease that damages the optic nerve in a patient’s eye when fluid builds up and creates pressure against it. As a leading cause of blindness – especially in patients over the age of 60 – tests to monitor the disease should be conducted on a minimum of an annual basis to prevent blindness from occurring. Depending on the results of your test, a glaucoma optometrist in Markham may recommend testing more frequently to monitor whether or not the disease is worsening.

How to Identify Whether or Not You’re at a Higher Risk for the Development of the Disease

Glaucoma can affect patients of all ages and from all walks of life. That’s why annual eye exams are so important. But if you’re looking for a quick reference concerning certain high-risk categories of the condition, following are what most practices of optometry in Markham notice during their patient testing:

  • You have a family history of glaucoma or thin corneas
  • You are over the age of 40
  • You are of African, Asian, or Hispanic heritage
  • You have a history of eye pressure
  • You currently suffer from sleep apnea
  • You use (or have used) long-term steroid medications
  • You have a history of diabetes, migraines, high blood pressure, or other blood circulatory conditions

If you recognize yourself in one or more of the above bullet points and it’s been more than a year since your last eye exam, it’s recommended that schedule an appointment for testing to determine whether or not you need glaucoma treatment in Markham.

Do You Have Borderline Glaucoma? How Optometry Near You Can Help Manage the Condition

One of the most common questions patients ask their optometrists after they’ve been diagnosed with borderline glaucoma is, “how closely does it need to be monitored?” As a leading optometry practice in Markham ON, we wish we could provide a simple answer to that question. Unfortunately, every patient will be different in their needs, as evidenced by the list of risk factors shown above.

When you visit Varley Optometry, our doctors will use the latest testing equipment to develop a treatment plan that’s designed just for you and the preservation of your eyesight. We know that every patient is an individual, often requiring individual treatment, so we will never lump you into a one-treatment-fits-all protocol to save your eyesight.

For example, we are always careful to factor in additional risks in your medical history, family history, and lifestyle that may contribute to your vision. If you’ve been diagnosed with borderline glaucoma, every visit to our office will consist of a full examination of your eye’s drainage channel to determine which type of glaucoma your early condition is leaning towards.

Types of Glaucoma and How to Save Your Eyesight

The most common types of glaucoma that your vision professional will be testing for include open-angle glaucoma, angle-closure glaucoma, normal-tension glaucoma, congenital glaucoma. Some other types of lesser known variants of the disease include secondary glaucoma, pigmentary glaucoma, traumatic glaucoma, neovascular glaucoma, and more.

After reading the above list of the different types of glaucoma, it should be easier to appreciate the importance of having a test at the intervals recommended by your vision professional. Glaucoma is a sight-robbing disease, but with early diagnosis and professional treatment, it can be controlled.

How We Can Help

At Varley Optometry we offer thorough glaucoma testing and treatment near you in Markham and nearby locations including Unionville, Hillcrest Village, Milliken, and Steeles Toronto. Schedule an appointment with us today! To help preserve your eyesight for tomorrow!

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