Even People with Good Vision Need Eye Exams

Even People with Good Vision Need Eye Exams

A common misconception is that, if you have normal vision, you don’t need regular eye exams and that they are only for occasions when you notice something wrong with your vision. The truth is that, if you have developed an eye condition, you may not notice effects on your vision until the condition is fairly advanced and difficult to treat. By that point, it may not be possible to return to perfect vision again. This is why regular eye exams are important: they give your optometrist at Varley Optometry the chance to detect these issues in their early stages so that you can receive prompt eye treatment in Markham.

Everyone needs regular eye exams, whether they have vision correction needs, a history of eye conditions, or have always had perfect vision. A standard comprehensive eye exam usually takes about an hour, though it could take up to 90 minutes. It will include a wide array of tests, such as refraction, binocular vision testing, color vision testing, slit lamp observation, and a glaucoma check. More detailed tests can also be performed, such as dilation with thorough retina assessment and visual fields assessment. If you wear contact lenses, a contact lens workup will also be part of your appointment; exams are mandatory for contact lens wearers.

If your optometrist catches any issues during your exam, prompt detection and diagnosis are key to successful treatment. Addressing the problem early reduces your risk of permanent vision loss. Besides preserving your vision, eye exams also have other benefits – they can sometimes detect systemic conditions (ones that affect the entire body, such as diabetes).

Generally, only adults over the age of 60 and those with a history of eye problems need to get an eye exam every year. Adults with no risk factors or family history of eye problems only need to visit their optometrist approximately every two years. Children need a check-up at six months, three years, before 1st grade, then annually following that. Many schools and workplaces offer free vision screenings, but these are not the same as a comprehensive exam. It is important that you visit your optometrist at Varley Optometry in Markham regularly to preserve your eye health.

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