My Child Is Near-Sighted: What Can I Do About It?

My Child Is Near-Sighted: What Can I Do About It?

Now that summer is here; you may be looking for ways to get your child outside instead of staring at a digital screen all day. And you may also wonder whether you need to visit an optometrist near you or a doctor of optometry near you to check whether or not that screen time has resulted in myopia for your child.

Why Myopia is a Concern

In a recent study, the WHO estimated myopia currently affects almost 30% of the general population, and that by the year 2050, more than 60% of the general population will be affected by the condition. Myopia is more commonly known as being near-sighted. And while some of the condition could be attributed to family genetics, the spike suggests that the condition may also have something to do with the amount of time we spend on digital devices.

What an Optometrist in Markham Wants You to Know

If your child hasn’t had their eyes examined in at least the last two years, it’s time to visit an optometrist in L3R 1S3 to get caught up. Why? The Canadian Association of Optometrists encourages parents to get their children’s eyes checked as early as six months of age. Other appointments are encouraged at three years, when they start school, and then every two years after. This allows optometrists to find any eye problems early on and check on the changing state of their child’s eyes. If a child is at a higher risk for developing eye problems, then eye exams are recommended more frequently. If your child needs to wear glasses or contacts, then their eyes should be examined once a year.

How an Eye Exam Can Benefit Your Child

Your optometrist, such as the ones at Varley Optometry in Markham, will provide a distance and near vision eye exam in addition to testing for your child’s ability to focus, their peripheral vision, their color vision, their hand-eye coordination, and other testing that may reveal whether or not digital screen time needs to be modified. Always included in this exam time is a check for vision illnesses and diseases. Treatment options for your child can range from traditional eyeglasses to contact lenses. Eye patches and vision therapy might also be recommended to correct other issues.

Ready to Learn More?

If you are interested in booking an eye exam to help protect your child’s vision, please contact Varley Optometry located in Markham to schedule an appointment.

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