Cataract Management in Markham, ON

Cataract Management in Markham, ON

Cataracts are a common condition among people over the age of 40, affecting around 24 million people worldwide. with around 24 million people affected by their 40s. Cataracts can be a serious condition and require monitoring and management. The most common symptom of a cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens, making vision blurry.

Cataracts tend to form gradually over time. Sometimes, they are present at birth, or can result from injuries. Long-term sun exposure, smoking, or heavy drinking can also cause cataracts.

Followed by a complete eye checkup and post the detection of the problem, the doctor may suggest an eye surgery near you that will cure the problem and improve your visit.

Symptoms of cataracts include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Double vision in both eyes or one eye
  • Colours appearing washed-out and faded

At Varley Optometry in Markham, your optometrist can manage your cataracts through a variety of services. Mild cataracts can be improved by changing the prescription of your glasses. Cataracts are progressive and will get worse over time. Most people eventually need surgical intervention. Cataracts can be surgically removed. The procedure gives you back your regular vision. In the process, your clouded lens is removed, and an artificial lens is put in its place. If your optometrist determines you need surgery, Varley Optometry in Markham will give you a referral to an ophthalmologist. The replacement lens is referred to as an intraocular lens. It takes two visits to remove cataracts in both eyes. The procedure is quick and takes about 20 minutes.

Cataract surgery is straightforward. It’s done as an outpatient procedure. Local anesthesia is given, which will leave you awake but comfortable. The procedure itself is painless, and medication to help you stay calm and relaxed is sometimes given. A laser is used to help the ophthalmologist make precise incisions in the lens that are painless.

You’ll feel some mild discomfort and itching post-surgery. Light sensitivity and increased tearing is common. Over the counter pain relievers will relieve the discomfort. Most people use prescription eye drops after cataract surgery. It’s important to avoid energetic or strenuous activity, including lifting or any activity that could lead to a blow to the eye. Your vision will improve within one week after surgery.

For all your cataract management needs, visit us at Varley Optometry. Other than cataract surgery in Markham you can also reach to us for services in Unionville, Hillcrest Village, Milliken, and Steeles Toronto. Schedule your appointment today!

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