If you are concerned with your overall health, be sure to make your eye health an important part of your health care routine. From all of us here at Varley Optometry, we commend you for taking the initiative in your eye health. We know it can be hard at times without the help of an eye professional, but that’s where we come in! In the following article, we will discuss the ways our patients are reaping the benefits of consistent and comprehensive eye exams.

At a typical eye exam, your local optometrist will most likely conduct a detailed eye history review. You will be asked to discuss any problems in your vision that you can note, or any underlying health conditions that can trigger any vision abnormalities. All of this information is imperative to the optometrist in preparing the right kinds of eye tests that best suit your needs. We take eye health really seriously for a full eye exam we make use of cutting edge technology because we believe in making no compromise what-so-ever.

Performing Various Eye Tests

There are various kinds of eye exams that can be performed in order to pinpoint certain conditions or abnormalities. Let’s take a look at the variety of tests available to optimize and maintain your eye health.

Visual Acuity Test: This is done to measure the sharpness of your vision. Patients are seated in a chair and are asked to read letters on a chart.

Cover Test: In a series of two tests, one eye will be covered while you focus on a specific object with the other.

Refraction Test: If a refractive error is suspected in your vision, you may be asked to position yourself in front of a phoropter and asked to indicate which side is clearer while the lenses are changed. This is how an accurate prescription is made.

Test Results and Suggestions Made By Your Doctor

If deemed necessary by the optometrist, more tests can be conducted in order to really get to the bottom of all or any eye conditions present. After all of the necessary tests are completed, your doctor is then responsible for explaining the results to you and whether or not you will need corrective lenses or surgery of any caliber. If you are in need of a comprehensive eye exam, the eye professionals at Varley Optometry would love to get to know you! Give our office a call today to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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