Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care

Here at Varley Optometry, we strive daily to provide the best eye care in Markham and the surrounding area.

Varley Optometry eye care offers compassionate, prompt, and innovative care for individuals who are dealing with some ocular emergency. We know that an injured or irritated eye can bring on extreme distress for adults and children the same.

The optometrists here are trained to handle the medical management with ocular emergencies and licensed to treat and diagnose any ocular condition. There are some eye conditions that our Varley Optometry optometrist can take care of, such as, (pink eye) conjunctivitis, removal of foreign bodies, angle-closure glaucoma, and eye infections that could cause discomfort for our patients.

When you get to our urgent care markham clinic, our optometrists will check your eyes and the area surrounding your eyes to decide what might be causing the problem for your eye. Our Varley Optometry staff are all trained and certified so they can prescribe you with antibiotics or other medications you may need or to initiate any other treatment necessary immediately in their offices.

Never try to self-diagnose an eye issue yourself. Some eye diseases, traumas, or disorders might lead to you having permanent loss of vision or even blindness. The more proactive you are treated by our optometrists, the less chance you will lose your vision permanently. Certain eye infections, like pink eye, are very contagious. If you do not get it treated, you can spread it to all your family and friends.

If you have suffered a traumatic injury to one of your eyes, the eye doctors here will examine and determine the extent of the damage during their examination of every component in your eye and the surrounding area. Most eye conditions and diseases will need prompt treatment and attention. If an eye problem is not taken care of quickly, there could be permanent damage, and even vision loss could occur. Do not hesitate to come to our clinic as soon as you encounter an eye emergency.

If the staff at Varley Optometry find a foreign body in your eye, we will run several tests that will include visual acuity. It will tell the optometrist if your vision has been compromised. If you are in so much pain that it is hard for the optometrist to examine, he will use an anesthetic drop that will numb your eye and make you feel comfortable. If a foreign body is identified in your eye, it will be removed promptly. An eye shield will be placed over the injured eye to protect it from any further damage or aggravation. The optometrists will give you a prescription for antibiotics for your condition and for the trauma you have encountered.

When you enter our office with an emergency for your eye, you can expect compassionate, fast, and effective service from an exceptional optometrist. If you are suffering from eye pain or discomfort because of an eye infection or injury come into our emergency optometrist clinic today and get some relief.

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