Excellent Pediatric Eye Care in Markham

Excellent Pediatric Eye Care in Markham

Regular eye exams are vital for individuals of any age, including children. Our team located in Markham is highly experienced in working with children. Varley Optometry eagerly offers a wide range of services designed to provide younger individuals with effective and patient care. Continue reading on to learn more about pediatric eye care in the local area and see how our team can help your family.

Pediatric Eye Exams At An Early Age

The Canadian Association of Optometrists encourages parents to get their children’s eyes checked as early as six months of age. Other appointments are encouraged at three years, when they start school, and then every two years after. This allows optometrists to find any eye problems early on and check on the changing state of their child’s eyes. If a child is at a higher risk for developing eye problems, then eye exams are recommended more frequently. If your child needs to wear glasses or contacts, then their eyes should be examined once a year.

What is Involved in a Pediatric Eye Exam?

Your optometrist at Varley Optometry will provide a distance and near vision eye exam. They will also assess some of the following visual skills:

  • Focusing
  • Peripheral vision
  • Color vision
  • Hand-eye coordination

The eye will also be examined and checked for vision illnesses or disease. These regular exams are essential in order to provide accurate treatments. Your optometrist will look out for issues such as a lazy eye (amblyopia) or crossing eyes (strabismus). Treatment options can range from traditional eyeglasses to contact lenses. Eye patches and vision therapy can also be used to correct other issues. Frequent examinations also provide the perfect opportunity to address any concerns you or your child might have. Our patient staff are eager to answer any questions you might have.

If you are interested in booking a pediatric eye exam for your child, then contact Varley Optometry located in Markham to schedule their next appointment. Visit our website to read the many reviews left by our patients and see what so many others love about our office!

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