Glaucoma Evaluations in Markham, ON

Glaucoma Evaluations in Markham, ON

If your Markham optometrist has diagnosed you with glaucoma, if you are a glaucoma suspect, or are at a high-risk for developing the disease, routine eye exams are non-negotiable. With early detection and regular glaucoma management at Varley Optometry, irreversible damage to your eyesight is almost always preventable; but keep in mind, your doctor in Markham cannot restore lost vision. For that reason, glaucoma management in Markham including, regular eye exams with dilation is necessary to maintaining your vision.

For glaucoma treatment in Markham Varley Optometry uses the latest technology equipment ensuring that the best treatment is offered to you under all possible circumstances.

Glaucoma Evaluations in Markham

At Varley Optometry, our eye doctors in Markham use the latest advanced technology to diagnose glaucoma. It is not always easy to diagnose the sight-robbing disease because everyone has different susceptibility to eye pressure. We are always careful at Varley Optometry to factor in any additional risks that may contribute to vision loss. General health problems, family history, race, and prior eye trauma are all risk factors.

Eye Exams at Varley Optometry

During your eye exam in Markham, multiple tests will be performed. First, the intraocular pressure will be checked. Since corneal thickness can play a role in the pressure reading, a pachymeter is used to measure the density. Color images are taken of the optic nerve to monitor changes. We use a HI-DEF OCT to measure the fibers that surround the optic nerve to determine the extent of damage. This assessment may also show if the presence of glaucoma before any signs of vision loss.

We will also test your central and peripheral vision at SAMPLE OPTOMETRY using a digital visual field analyzer. Your Markham eye doctor may use gonioscopy to help examine your eye’s drainage channel to help determine the exact type of glaucoma.

You may need to repeat some of these glaucoma evaluations during future visits to determine if your prescribed treatments are working.

If you are not on glaucoma medication but may be at risk for developing the disease, it is important to have these tests done periodically to see if treatment may be needed.

At Varley Optometry we also offer glucoma treatment near you in other nearby locations including Unionville, Hillcrest Village, Milliken, and Steeles Toronto. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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