Macular Degeneration Management in Markham, ON

Macular Degeneration Management  in Markham, ON

The most common reason as to why patients 65 years and older lose their eyesight over time is age-related macular degeneration. While it sounds like a conglomerate of words that are hard to say and spell, the reality of the situation is that it tends to be a common problem for both men and women alike of all sorts of backgrounds.

There are, however, two kinds of macular degeneration that are classified as wet or dry. The dry form is the earliest stage of macular degeneration while the wet is known to be the more advanced or late-stage macular degeneration. Let’s take a look at a comparison of the two:

Dry (non-neovascular) – This kind of macular degeneration can cause loss of vision in the central field of your eye. It is believed to stem from damage or obstruction of the macula, of which the central vision is responsible. Dry macular degeneration is the most common, while currently there is no permanent cure for any form of macular degeneration.

Wet (neovascular) – Wet MD is the advanced form of dry macular degeneration. It is typically characterized by a formation of new blood vessels that grow beneath the retina, in turn leaking fluid into the eye. This process creates a kind of eye scarring that leads to vision loss over time.

Macular Degeneration Symptoms

There are different symptoms associated with macular degeneration, depending on the version of the disease you have.

Dry – the symptoms associated with dry macular degeneration includes central vision loss, difficulty reading, difficulty in low light setting, or warped and distorted vision.

Wet – More advanced symptoms of a wet macular degeneration include reduced clarity of vibrant colors, worsening of symptoms, blurry spots in field of view, reduced central vision in one or both eyes.

Macular Degeneration Treatment – Is There a Cure?

As of now, there is, unfortunately, no cure to macular degeneration. What one can seek to do is adjusting certain points of your habitual life to delay its onset. If you have questions regarding macular degeneration, don’t hesitate to give us at Varley Optometry in Markham a call in order to schedule a consultation appointment!

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