Retinal Imaging Markham in Markham, ON

Retinal Imaging Markham in Markham, ON

Do you experience frequent headaches? Notice flashing lights or little floaters in your vision? Have you been diagnosed with diabetes or even high blood pressure? At Varley Optometry, we are happy to offer retinal imaging in Markham for our patients interested in having our eye doctor evaluate, monitor, and check the health of their retina and overall eye.

About The Retina

Wondering what your retina is? The retina of a patient’s eye is the thin layer of tissue located in the back of the eye, which receives light and is then focused by the lens. The retina then converts light into neural signals which are sent to the brain, supplying the picture you see.

Need retinal testing in Markham? Contact Varley Optometry today, we are always welcoming new patients at our eye clinic and would be happy to get you on our schedule for retinal imaging.

What is Retinal Imaging?

Retinal imaging testing is a common type of eye test performed, your eye doctor at Varley Optometry will take digital images of your eyes, allowing them to evaluate your retina and various other parts of the eye.

Importance of Retinal Imaging

Although it is an essential for patients that have been diagnosed with glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure or even retinal related diseases to receive routine retinal imaging in Markham, at Varley Optometry we actually recommend retinal imaging nearby for all of our patients. Retinal imaging allows us to gain information about the health of your eye.

Optical Coherence Tomography Markham

Optical coherence tomography, also known as retinal imaging is a diagnostic eye care option which is quite similar to receiving an ultrasound. However, no ultrasound gel is used during the procedure. During Markham retinal imaging, images are taken of the retinas and optic nerves, allowing our eye doctor to measure the thickness of your retina and health of your eye.

Schedule Retinal Imaging in Markham

Think you may need retinal imaging to ensure your eyes are healthy? Schedule an appointment with Varley Optometry, we’d be happy to get you on our schedule for retinal imaging in Markham.

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