Why Choose Varley Optometry for Dry Eye Treatment

Why Choose Varley Optometry for Dry Eye Treatment

Our eyes depend on tears for lubrication and moisture. But, due to different factors, you may fail to produce enough tears to lubricate the eyes causing them to dry and get uncomfortable. When you don’t have enough lubrication, you may experience pain, burning sensation, itchiness, redness, or blurry vision.

At times, some people may have excess tears flowing as a symptom of dry eyes, which is a confusing phenomenon. Excess tears are a distress signal to the nervous system for eye lubrication. In response, the eyes will produce emergency tears. But, these are mostly water designed to wash out dirt and doesn’t lubricate. This explains why you still experience dry eyes even with an overflow of tears.

Dry eyes are treatable, but the success of the condition will largely depend on the form of treatment that you receive. It is extremely vital to choose an optometrist who is licensed to offer these services. At Varley Optometry in Unionville, we offer dry eye treatment services to help you moisten and resolve your dry eye problems. Why choose us?

1. We offer comprehensive eye exams

Everybody has a different dry eye experience and that is why we strive to offer a comprehensive eye exam to determine the cause. At your eye exam, our optometrist will conduct a detailed eye history exam and discuss your underlying conditions that may be causing the problem. This information is imperative as it will help us choose the ideal eye tests and treatment.

2. We have personalized treatment

Dry eyes are caused by either insufficient or low-quality tears production and our treatments are curated to address these situations. No one treatment is suitable for all, so based on your eye exam, our optometrist will choose the most ideal treatment. Some forms of treatment we offer include:

  • Anti-inflammatory medication to help increase tear production. Inflammation is the primary cause of low-production of tears and these medications will help to address that.
  • Puncta plugs or stopper helps the tears to stay longer in your eye
  • Artificial tears in the form of gels or liquid eye drops
  • Special goggles to prevent eyes from exposure form drying environment such as airplanes

3. We manage your dry eye past the treatment phase

Furthermore, our optometrist will also discuss prevention strategies to employ to avoid dry eyes such as:

  • Taking breaks when performing long tasks
  • Wearing protective eyewear to protect your eyes against air and dry wind

Other Services We Offer?

Apart from dry eye treatment we also offer other eye services designed to promote eye health. Our range of services include:

  • Cataracts management
  • Diabetic eye exams are vital for people living with diabetes as retinopathy may cause irreversible eye damage
  • Glaucoma evaluations are ideal for people at risk of glaucoma. Early detection may help us prevent damage and maintain vision
  • Macular degeneration management. Although currently there is no treatment, we can manage macular degeneration to delay its onset and progression.
  • LASIK consultation is done to evaluate your eligibility for the LASIK surgery. The consultation lasts for two to three hours and the optometrist will conduct a comprehensive medical history. LASIK is a procedure done to fix myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.
  • Myopia treatment involves different options designed to delay the progression of myopia.
  • Retina imaging is a service offered to assess an array of eye conditions from glaucoma to diabetes. However, we recommend it to all our patients as it helps us know your eye health and what’s needs to be done.

Varley Optometry is an all-round eye clinic with a range of services. Call or visit our clinic and we will create an ideal eye treatment whether you are looking for glaucoma or dry eye treatment in Unionville.

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